Yay, Battle Athletes! I've finally gotten around to making some scans of my Legend of Cosmo Beauty book. This is the one that has that wonderful fold-out poster of Akari and Kris on the picnic blanket (I know you've seen this pic on the internet)- shame it's in three sections! I'm not taking it out, I'm leaving the book untouched.

I have to admit I'm only putting up scans of my fave characters- that would be Kris/Akari and Mylandah/Lahrri- sorry I-chan fans, I tossed in a few for you but Akari belongs with Kris!


I have to give these two some press. I just love Lahrri's big turbo hairdo and Mylandah wins the psychotic lesbian award hands down!


Got milk? How about yuri? Battle Athletes is full of such goodness. Thank you Kris and Akari! And especially Kris, for loving someone whose hair makes her look like a radioactive rabbit....


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