Is there no end to the yuri madness? Yet more AMV's!


Beautifully Broken


Well here it is for those who have been patiently waiting... the My hime AMV. It took a while to make and I'm still not happy with how some of my transitions turned out, but I got sick of looking at it, so here you go. As usual, it was inspired by the song, and then the rest fell into place around the idea.


This is a 3 minute movie of how agent Ayaka's life is turned upside down by her latest assignment- the woman she's sent to bring in is no ordinary agent. Ayaka finds she's been living a lie and the end, she decides where it is she really wants to be. I'm not telling you the anime- because I have truly used it for my own purposes. Those who know the show may want to slap me, but hopefully not! And as always, you can read more about it in my blog. This is in MPEG 2 format.


This is my AMV for Kannazuki no Miko. And it's mecha-free! To read about what it took to make it (including a total re-start as my PC crashed and I lost the whole thing) you can read more in the blog. Basically this is about wanting to be special, being unsure of yourself, and hurting those you love, even if you don't mean to- just by the virtue that you are so close, puts you at that very risk. And at the end, overcoming all those stumbling blocks to be...well, you'll see in the title!


This is just short little AMV (only a minute!) focused on Natsuki and Shizuru. Sometimes the person who is our greatest strength, is also our greatest weakness.


This AMV features Noir, Utena, Maria-Sama ga Miteru (Sachiko and Yumi) and Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabibito. It's about the couples in various stages of their relationship. To me, personally, Utena and Anthy have everything and it builds toward them. Many thanks to Puccini's Turandot for the romantic inspiration.


This AMV is about Jo and Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi, how they wear on each other but like an old married couple, bicker and stay together. Jo is one of my favorite anime characters, too bad she was stuck in such a lame show!


Whether you know it as Devil Lady or Devilman Lady...Jun has the beast gene, and has to fight other errant beasts- unknown to Kazumi, who she desperately tries to push away so she doesn't learn the truth. I used this song because Jun needs to learn to accept and love herself as well as Kazumi. And don't go buy the DVD's based on this AMV- let's just say I took the story and made it as I thought it should be. :)


Did you guess this was from the series Madlax? Just a quiet reflection on the relationship of Vanessa and Madlax. I have a fanfic in progess about them too. For those wary of spoilers, this is spoiler-free!


Well, this is the one that started it all. I loved watching Na-chan and Honey in Re: Cutie Honey so much that I felt compelled to make an AMV. And things just snowballed from there, as you can see. Now I've got a whole website, just from this silly show!


This is, without a doubt, my worst AMV. But then, Strange Love is pretty bad all on its own. The DVD was of crappy quality and it was only one episode to work with, hence the very short song. That being said, save your money and just watch this instead of the DVD. Chizuru is quite smitten with Azumi, but she's not exactly a smooth operator when it comes to wooing her woman. In fact, as you can see, she falls flat on her face!