And now, lacking reason and totally uncalled for, is a small Noir parody...NAIL.



Scene: Deserted warehouse. Mireille comes up behind Kirika.
Mireille: “Hey you! Seen some handsome stranger wandering about? I’m waiting for my hot date to show up.”
Kirika: “I’ve been waiting…for you.”
Mireille: “What? Don’t tell me I’ve been duped again! Last time it was some old geezer and now this…some twit of a girl!”
Kirika: “Well I’m flat-chested like a boy, does that count?”
Mireille (pulls out gun): “Why you sneaky little- hey! Come back here!”
They chase around the warehouse, until Mireille breaks a nail.
Mireille: “Now look what you made me do! First my parents, now this…will the tragedy of my life never end?”
Kirika (starts to cry): “Why….do I not care if you break a nail?”
Suddenly men in suits with large nail clippers appear.
Kirika: “Naildats! Run, Neo, run!”
The Naildats chase after the girls. They start running until suddenly…
Kirika: “Mireille! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Mireille: “What, that we’ve got guns and they don’t?”
They turn around and blow up the Naildats into little pieces. Mireille stares at the dead Naildats, then back at Kirika.
Mireille: “Well, you do sort of look like a cute boy….”
Kirika: “And I’ve got nice nails…wanna see?”
Mireille (looks down and inspects Kirika’s nails): “You do them yourself?”
Kirika (blushes a little): “Yes, even though I have no memory of proper buffing technique.”
Mireille: “Well it’s crude, but there’s no doubt you have skill. Want to move in with me, become my partner and kill all the Naildats?”
Kirka: “Will you promise to trim me once all this is over?”
Mireille: “Oh, down to the quick, baby.”
Kirika (under her breath): “Can’t wait to get home and buff you…”
Mirielle (under her breath): “I’ll bet you can file all night…”

And so goes the story of the two maidens with a fetish…Nail.