Ah, Otakon. The place where no matter how freaky you are, you fit right in. Where you get to recycle that Halloween costume that no one understood. Where people are waiting to take your picture and then post it on the internet, erstwhile making snide, disrespectful remarks, some of which may even be funny. And for this you paid money!!!
Our first exhibitor below probably throws the best halloween parties in town. And with that weathervane on top of her head, she'll never get caught in a storm. Welcome to Otakon!

All these bathrooms and not one box of kitty litter! Argh!

Goldilocks and the 3
bears are so passe...

Disco Frog

Final Fantasy: Elevator Quest
Guitar Hero:
Rocks the 80's

The Few. The Proud.
The Otaku....

Hi. I can't see a damn thing!

Jo! Where's Meg?
Did she have some sort of jubblies accident?
There's a built-in toilet
for cosplaying comfort...

Aaaa! The rabbids escaped from the Wii!

"Sonic Scores" gets a whole
new meaning...

Reports of a sperm with a big red zit infiltrating the convention were rampant....