In an effort to save you money (because I was already foolish enough to spend it), I'm putting in this little ratings section. The most recent additions are in red. I'll do them bit by bit as I wander through my collection. After reading these, you will, without a doubt, see why I do not have a job as a reviewer. I've made my ratings pretty easy to understand:

Buy it- means it's worth the bucks, so put up and shell out!
Rent it: It's worth seeing, but not more than once.
Borrow it: If you know someone who has it, just waste your time on it, not your money.
Bypass it: Don't waste even your spare time on it. Do something far more constructive, like make a shoujo ai AMV or write some fanfiction!


Bakuretsu Tenshi: This will be released in the U.S. under the name Burst Angel. I feel a better name would have been Boob Angel, as our cleavaged-crime fighters often display their...skills. Go ahead and rent it, grab a tape measure, and freeze the frames every now and then to compare boob sizes between the episodes. Someone in the boob QA department was really slacking. There was a plot squeezed into the series, but it was an A-cup compared to everything else. Jo totally kicks butt, but as often as she saves the day, she can't save the series. Rent it, ogle, and enjoy.


Battle Athletes Victory: Akari may excel as a super athlete near the end, but at the beginning, she excels at whining and in general being very pathetic. Since whining women are particularly annoying (to me), this drops it from a buy to a rent. I own it, but don't watch most of it- I like to keep my blood pressure down


Battle Athletes OVA: The good news: Akari has a spine. The bad news: it's only for six episodes! Since it's so short, you have less time to get attached to any of the characters or really care for the story. And the artwork is definitely not as good as the Victory series. Fortunately Kris is here to be interesting in her weird, naked ways. It reminds me of ordering a hamburger: whether you get it from McDonald's or Burger King, no matter how it looks, it's still a burger. And the B.A. series, no matter what form, is still a decent yuri burger. So go grab it and enjoy. I'd still rent, as there are only two episodes on each DVD and that's not really a bargain.


Devil Lady: This series was like a horrible car accident. You feel so badly for those involved, you can't look away. That's how I felt about Jun and Kazumi. Rent it if you're masochistic enough to want to pay for your pain, otherwise just borrow it!


Najica Blitz Tactics: Break out your bullet proof thongs, it's top-secret panty-agent Najica! In one expose-all mission after another, this is a series that anyone with a fetish for bleached panties will drool over. The sad news is that there's actually a story inbetween all the undies that makes you keep watching. Or at least I did, as I thought Najica was pretty cool and Lila began to develop her own personality. In keeping with the theme of the show, the panty shots were a lot clearer than the ambiguous ending. To see a better defined (and happier!) ending, read the last volume of the manga. It was a fun waste of time, so I give it "two thongs up". Go ahead and rent it!


Revolutionary Girl Utena- The Movie: This movie is like a beautiful woman that you can't understand. You want to keep her around just to look at her because she's so pretty. So just give in and buy it!


Strange Love: Not just strange. Bizarre. And bad. Really bad. Two episodes that are like a family reunion with people you've never sort of stand around awkwardly, wondering how it's all related. Bypass it. Go read the manga, it's much, much better.(The manga is called Hen).