At long last! The far-from-fascinating, non-ficticious, blurb about me. This is in response to people wanting to know more about me, so here's just a few things to help with your insomnia:

Although I now live in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), I am a native Texan by birth. I was born in Kingsville, outside of the famous King Ranch (For more about the King Ranch click here). As a child I enjoyed the warm gulf waters around Corpus Christi, Padre Island, and Aransas Pass. To this day, I still love the beach, but I think this water here up north is cold.

I am really a blonde, I am female, and my sign is Gemini, for those that think such things are important. My degree is in nursing. I graduated with honors and was class president, no easy feat because nursing school is hard, let me tell you. I now work as the director of a senior medical day center. It's a very busy job, to say the least. And I have a real life, which limits my time for this site as well.

As for why I took the name bakablonde, it's really for several reasons. I didn't use my nursing degree for long before I got into the computer field. When I first got in, not many women were doing what I was doing (building and fixing PC's), so I got a first-hand taste of discrimination because most guys just wouldn't believe some blonde chick could walk in and hook up drives and whatever else needed to be done. Within five years I was a system administrator on a HP-UX platform for a healthcare organization. Although the money was great, I had no life whatsoever. I quit that job, making my family and friends happy again. I wandered through several options till I found the job I have now. Anyway, the name is sort of a pun for me. It reminds me of what I went through, and also allows me to be absolutely lazy and plead the dumb blonde case if I so choose. Hey, sometimes it's easier to go that route ;)

As for the site: it was all done on a whim. I made my first AMV, Cutie Couple, and decided I wanted a place where I could put it and no one would make rules or censor it in any fashion. Then I decided that if I was getting a website, might as well go forth and make one to celebrate the yuri in all of us. I like making AMV's because it's a good creative outlet for a somewhat lazy person like myself- it's still work, but at least I don't have to draw the characters! If you want to know more about how I make my AMV's, you can go look here.

Lastly, for the truly mundane and trivial... a short lists of things I like (other than anime).

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Favorite Play: No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre (what a wonderful concoction of Hell)
Favorite Short Story: hmmm- tossup between Misfortune by Anton Chekhov or The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (both are about equally cheery)
Favorite Opera: Turandot (followed by Tosca and Norma) For those unaware, one of my AMV's was inspired by Turandot, although it truly pales with the slightest comparison.
Favorite Singer: Viva Laura Pausini! One of the CD slots in my 6 disc player in the car has a permanent residence for her music.
For football fans: (American NFL style): GO Cowboys! And ya-ya Ravens (pouts).

It's in the game! Here's my all-time faves list: For the PC- Sam and Max Hit the Road. Best game I ever played and I got lots of laughs too. For my Sega Dreamcast, a toss-up between Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 and the original Crazy Taxi. I think I've probably played TER2 more, but it's hard to beat the fun of CT. And for a while I was hooked on Alone in the Dark, but I like the driving games better.
Onward to my Xbox 360- and my fave game, Call of Duty 2. To be honest, I'd get a lot more done on this site if that game didn't exist, lol. That's where a lot of my precious free time goes!

That's it- if you're not asleep yet, go read my blog- that will surely cure your insomnia!