WARNING: Lemon, Lime, and other citrus fruits ahead! While this site may not contain those sorts of pictures, it does contain that sort of fanfiction. Some stories are more "descriptive" than others. Read at your own risk. If you're underage, go get your parents- they might enjoy reading this stuff too!

Now playing in my fanfic theater- the Noir sequel, Eclipse! This is the final work of the Noir series that I am doing. Therefore, it will be rather long. Just as Noir was 26 episodes, this will be at least 26 chapters, most likely more than that. In order to understand Eclipse, it is imperative that you read Washing the Dishes first; not only are there characters from the first story you will need to know, but there are objects (no forks this time) and actions that carry over into the sequel. Beware- this is a descent into darkness and does not have the lighter tone of its predecessor. To get a feel for the tone of this series, please download the preview. This is the trailer, movie-style, for Eclipse.
To watch a brief web trailer for Eclipse that doesn't require you to download anything, click here.

Tetragrammaton Latrine: Demon Inflush- After a certain reveal in volume 4, I just had to do this. If you are not familiar with this manga, no problem- I've included a quick character guide to start you off and I have scans in the gallery that should help you to fully enjoy the parody! 6-14-09

-(Anime: Noir) They thought they had walked away from darkness. They thought they had overcome the past. But the darkest day of all now comes their way..... (Mireille/Kirika -this is the sequel to Washing the Dishes, seen below. Read that one first or you will be LOST!!!) Last update: 4-22-07

Washing the Dishes- (Anime: Noir) One day, a simple task leads to...things not so simple. Read and see! Mirielle/Kirika (finished)

NAIL-(Anime- Noir)Well, here it is, totally uncalled for, not by request or for any rational reason.... the Noir parody Nail. (finished)

One Bullet- (Anime- Bakuretsu Tenshi, or Burst Angel) A quick look inside the somber facade of Jo at the beginning of her relationship with Meg. Takes place after the OVA and from the beginning of the manga. (finished) (4-22-07)

A Page Re-written- (Anime: Madlax) Vanessa meets a young woman who claims to know her. V/M (finished)

Return to Dreams (Anime: Sol Bianca Legacy) I just love Feb and April, but it seems people don't want to read this because they are not familiar with this anime. Hopefully the AMV I made, Maybe, will help to cure this affliction of missing out on good yuri potential! Updated 10-2-06

Promises Past- (Anime: Utena) Maggie the Cat (Kozue) meets Katherine the Shrew (Juri). And may I suggest that if you haven't seen Liz Taylor in the movies "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "The Taming of the Shrew", rent them!

You Can Never Go Home (post Xena fanfiction) A Xena fanfic- this was done after the show ended. Not a "resurrection" story- something totally different, starring Gabrielle. (finished)

A New Tour of Duty (Anime: Appleseed) From the latest movie. Now that Deunan has completed her mission, she finds herself the target of a new plot involving Hitomi and... dating! (finished)


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