The lunch bell was still buzzing as Juri walked quickly through the mob of underclassmen in the hallway, not seeming to notice or care that they parted quickly in front of her.
"There she goes."
"See! I told you it's true!" hushed whispers rang behind her. Her lips twitched, then broke into a frown as she rounded the corner and saw Kozue standing with several other girls.
"Kozue." she said sternly, bearing down on the group with a look that caused the other girls to draw together timidly behind Kozue, who turned and smiled brightly at Juri.
"Oh! How nice to see you here, Juri!" her voice was as bright as her smile. Juri scowled and put her hands on her hips, looking down at the girl.
"I need to speak with you." It wasn't a request. Kozue crossed her books in front of her chest and shrugged nonchalantly, still smiling.
"I'm all yours." Kozue responded, and some of the girls behind her stifled giggles. Juri shot them a look that hushed them immediately.
"Privately." she commanded, pointing toward an empty classroom. She turned her heel and strode away. Kozue merrily waved to her friends and trotted after her. Once inside, Juri clicked the door shut firmly. Kozue went to the nearest desk and sat on it, swinging her legs idly. Juri crossed her arms and gave her a contemplative stare. After a moment she began to pace the room, hands behind her back.
"It has come to my attention that there are rumors circulating here that you and I are…" she stopped to shake her head in disbelief, then resumed her pacing. "That you and I are involved in some sort of relationship." she waved her hand at Kozue, who had opened her mouth to speak. "Not only that, but rather graphic descriptions of this…relationship have been given." she put her hands to either side of her head, softly pulling at her hair in bewilderment. "Truly bizarre things like-"
"Sexy alpha she-wolf." Kozue interjected. Juri's hands dropped and her mouth followed suit.
"Sexy alpha she-wolf. That's what I said." Kozue slid off the desk, her eyes on Juri.
"You said that? You started all this? What the hell-"
"It has come to my attention that you have the most beautiful body I've ever seen, and I can't wait to get my hands on it." Kozue started towards the stunned fencer, her eyes on a certain part of Juri's anatomy that caused Juri to cross her arms defensively in front of her chest.
"Don't you dare touch me." Juri glowered. Kozue put her hands behind her back and walked up to Juri, standing so close that her breasts touched Juri's crossed arms.
"I'm warning you Kozue, back off." Juri hissed.
"Back off yourself. I'm not moving."
"You're an insolent girl."
"No, just horny." Kozue's smile was more of a leer, and she rubbed herself suggestively against Juri's arms.
Juri gave a snort of disgust and stepped back. "And to think your brother's such a nice boy-"
"That's why he doesn't get laid, and I do."
Juri's eyes widened in shock, but she quickly composed herself and shook her head at the girl. "Go find someone else to play this game with, Kozue." Juri said flatly, dropping her arms back down to her sides. "I'm not interested."
"It's not a game. You're the kind of person that appreciates honesty. And I can honestly say that ever since I saw you come out of that shower in the gym two days ago, I've wanted you. Badly." she closed her eyes and slid her hand down her uniform, bunching it up between her legs as she slowly raised it. "If you could only see what the thought of you does to me…"
"Kozue!" Juri cried out in sheer alarm, grabbing the girl's wrist. Kozue grabbed Juri's hand and pushed it up between her legs, causing Juri's mouth to open in amazement. Kozue promptly seized her opportunity, catching Juri's mouth with her own. Juri stumbled backwards into the blackboard, Kozue in hot pursuit.
"Damn you!" Juri growled, defending her body against the passionate onslaught. It took several minutes of determined wrestling and cursing, but finally she pinned Kozue head-first into the blackboard, twisting the girl's arms behind her back, pressing her firmly with her own body so she could no longer move. They were both breathing heavily from the exertion, and Juri leaned heavily into Kozue, catching her breath. Kozue tried to move and Juri twisted her arm further, causing her to wince.
"Oh no you don't. You don't go anywhere till I let you." she growled out, smiling at the wince on Kozue's face. Kozue's left cheek was pressed into the blackboard, her eyes closed in a grimace. There was a rustling sound and Juri's smile disappeared as she realized the classroom door was now open, with several students standing in it, mouths agape.
"Get out!" Juri barked. The door slammed and Juri could feel Kozue's body under her own, rocking with laughter. "Shit." Juri hung her head, her chin almost to Kozue's shoulder. "Kozue, what have you done?"
"Nothing. You won't give me a chance." Kozue quipped. Her hands groped Juri's belly through her uniform.
"Kozue! That's enough!" Juri angrily flung the girl to the floor. "I am not playing with you!" Sensing she meant it, Kozue remained still on the floor. Juri stood over her, shaking, trying to regain control. She cleared her throat several times before speaking. "I am not having this sort of interaction with you again."
Kozue remained silent, her head bowed. The room was still, filled only by their heavy breathing.
"Are you listening to me? " Juri grabbed Kozue's face with her hand and pulled her head up. "Look at me. I want this to end here. Understand?"
"I'll end it…. if you look me in the eye… and honestly tell me you're not wet too." Kozue's voice was husky, heaving, and her eyes burned into Juri's. The look of intensity caused Juri's mouth to open slightly and she dropped her hand, taking a step backward. Without speaking, she turned and went to the door. "You're an illiterate slut." she said dismissively, and slammed the door shut behind her.

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