Let's get to know the characters first!

Below we have Meg, the nun-with-a-gun. She's probably got a round of ammo hiding in that book!



This is Angela, and she is waaaaaay older than you think, as we find out in the manga. Until she met up with Meg, she pretty much just wanted to die- now she regenerates herself constantly because she feels Meg needs her. Or maybe she just takes too many vitamins, who knows! I asked her how it feels to go over a hundred years without taking a dump and you can see her answer below....


This is the oddest character, the quiet and deadly Gertrude, Trude's little sister. She has definitely has issues, such as removable body parts and other totally freaky stuff that is gross!

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No, it's not the Enterprise rental car chick, it's the cleavage-induced sorceress Trude, daughter of "The Alchemist" which means she has instant unknown powers and mystery and probably lots of cash in a Swiss bank account too.