And to be honest, I missed it, with the exception of a quick run-through on Sunday morning. Due to working yesterday and my departure for Japan tomorrow, I just did not have time this year. But of course, I took pix of certain wandering individuals who were either in need of therapy, or just cosplaying- you decide!
I will start by posting my absolute favorite thing I saw- this giant promo for Madlax! If only Vanessa had been in it, it would have been perfection.
Take a look at the pictures by clicking on them (if you feel that brave, lol). Enjoy!


Weclome to Otakon. Die!


"I get better cell
reception this way..."

Where's my danish dammit!

Guitar Hero....

Another reason to stay away from Silent Hill...


"I really wanted to dress
like a cheerleader."

"I fear
human contact."

Not a clue,
but nice, ne?
Avast ye anime freaks!

"Do I look fat in this outfit?"

"I'm wearing this to the prom this year."

"I have fantasies about green vegetables."
"I'm here with my parents."

"My parents don't
answer my calls..."

What's a nice ghoul like you doing in a place like this?

"We're just an ordinary couple taking the pet for a stroll..."
Proof there is hell on earth...

It's the dreaded Prince of Tennis gang, striking fear into the hearts of cosplayers everywhere!

Vash undergoes a gender crisis....

The new DDR- "Don't Dance Revolution"
"I've been in the same spot since Friday."

"One of us is
terribly constipated.
Can you guess who?"

"We refuse to come down till Nintendo releases the Wii!"

"Wii! Who you callin' Wii!"