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It’s so good to sleep in your own bed. When I wake up in the morning, she is already up. She’s always gotten up first. I’m not exactly an early morning person, more so since I was shot. I still take a pill at night to help the pain, but I feel so good this morning I don’t think I want to take any more.
Breakfast sits on the table; she’s at the computer, so I go to eat quietly, not wanting to bother her. When I’m done, I put the dishes in the sink and start to turn on the water.
“Leave those for later.” she says from behind me. “We have a meeting today with Anton.”
“Anton?” I remember him, vaguely. Dark hair and always smiling.
“My police informant. I’ve been talking about a job with him.”
“Job?” I shudder. I don’t want to kill any more. I don’t want to touch another gun.
“Not that sort of job. A …dull one. That pays squat, but is legal.” she practically pouts at the last part, bringing a smile to my face.
Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, causing us both to frown. Mireille reaches under the pool table out of habit as I go to the door.
“Who is it?” I ask, feeling nervous.
“Mireille, darling, do open up! It’s Anton, your favorite officer!” booms a cheery voice. Mireille rolls her eyes and nods for me to open the door. I do, and am immediately engulfed in a large embrace.
“There you- oh! So sorry, little one!” he steps back, grinning. “Didn’t mean to squash you. “
“I thought we were going to meet at the café.” Mireille remarks, her frown not entirely gone.
“Ah yes, but it would have been awkward to give you this.” He steps forward, taking a grand flourish and a bow, then produces a large red bouquet of roses from behind his back.
“Oh.” Mireille says, her mouth dropping open in surprise. He quickly strides over to her and bends down, his mouth aiming for hers. Just as quickly, a snapping sound echoes over the room as she slaps him.
I can’t help but laugh, mostly from relief, as he staggers back.
“Always worth a try.” he smiles, rubbing his cheek. Mireille gets up from the table as if nothing has happened, and heads toward the kitchen.
“I’m going to get a vase.” she says to no one in particular.
I stand next to Anton, and we both watch her leave the room. Anton sighs.
“Love’s a rough thing, little bit.” he ruffles my hair with his hand.
“You- you’re in love with Mireille?” I gasp out, and he puts a finger on my lips, shushing me. He bends down and whispers in my ear.
“Ah, I’m in love with that ass, little bit, and I’ll do most anything to get it.” he winks and I try not to show the flood of emotions coming over me.
“Her…ass?” I whisper back. It seems funny, to be talking about Mireille’s ass, but in another way, I like it.
“The best I’ve ever seen. Take a look yourself sometime. Ah, you’re so lucky, little one, to be her flatmate- you get to see that ass every day!” he squeezes the top of my head for emphasis and I yelp.
“What are you doing to her?” Mireille appears back in the room, looking like she’s ready to throw the vase at Anton.
“Nothing.” I say, rubbing my head.
“We were discussing your lovely ass.” Anton arches his eyebrows suggestively in her direction.
“Kirika!” she gasps, staring at me.
“Not me, Mireille! “ I stammer out, suddenly embarrassed. “He started it!”
She puts her hands on her hips, pursing her lips. Anton opens his mouth to speak but she points at him, silencing him.
“Don’t you even say that I’m beautiful when I’m angry, Anton. I know your lines.”
“Why Mireille, I was just going to suggest we leave for lunch.” he replies smoothly.
“Meet us downstairs then. Oh, and thanks for the flowers.” she waves at him dismissively, and he turns to me, shrugs, and heads out the door.
She retrieves her purse, and checks it for her gun.
“Do you like him, Mireille?” I venture out the question.
“What? That womanizer?” she snaps her purse shut. “Don’t be ridiculous, Kirika.” She stops suddenly, and a strange look crosses her face.
“Do you like him?” she stares at me. I can’t even believe she just asked me that question. The look on my face must answer her, as she gives a little laugh and shakes her head.
“Good. Come on, let’s see what Mr. Womanizer has lined up for us.”


“At least it’s legal.” I try to console her as we sit at the table having our last tea of the night.
She snorts. “From top–notch assassin…. to doing this…stupid self defense class…” she growls out.
“We’re helping people.”
“It pays more to kill them.” she retorts, and I can’t help but smile. So Mireille. She plays with the sleeves of her nightshirt, frowning, before she gets up and takes our empty cups.
I watch her from the doorway, and am filled again with the urge to hold her. I walk up behind her and encircle her waist.
“Again?” she says in surprise, but makes no move to stop me.
“This makes you happy, huh?”
“How silly.” she mutters, and sets about her work. With a happy sigh I let my face rest against her back, and my body relax into hers, enjoying her motion. The soft rocking of her working body is like a living lullaby, and I feel like I could not find a better place to sleep in the whole world other than where I am at this moment.
“Are you falling asleep back there?”
“Uh?” I am startled back to earth.
“You’re drooling on me.” she says, but I can tell from the sound of her voice she’s smiling.
“Sorry…” I murmur, not wanting to move.
“Silly. Go to bed, Kirika.” she says in that soft tone that makes my heart flutter.

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